Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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  1. Please visit us at:!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work in creating this tribute online.

    I am doubly struck by the fact that one of the 330th's aircraft was named after my home town, Pacific Palisades, California!

  3. I am researching my Uncle Clifford P Dockendorf. Have a pic of his crew which has the back stamp "Army Air Forces Official Photography 330th Bomb Group. He and the crew were listed as KIA May 15th 1944 New Guinea. Any help documenting his service would be appreciated. I can't get the photo of the crew and plane to drop in, so I have listed the names of crew below.

    Army Air Forces Official Photography
    330th Bomb Group
    Back row left to right
    Protz, Mclain, Ford, Dockendorf, Goulet, Bisceglid
    Front row left to right
    Bostwick, Steward, Page Montgomery

    Memorial card for Clifford P. Dockendorf reads
    Born August 26th, 1921
    Rural Akeley, MN Hubbard Co.
    KIA WWII May 15, 1944
    New Guinea

  4. I am researching B-29A A/C # 44-61669. USAAF accident report shows this as being involved in an accident August 2, 1945 Nhile parked at North Field Guam. It was assigned to the 457th Bomb Squadron,33oth Bomb Group, 314th Bomb Wing.

    I don't find any details in this website. Can anyone help me?

  5. 44-61669 was indicated as K-15 in the 330th Sunset Project Oct/Nov 1945 (sunset was the operation to ferry B-29 bombers stateside. The original K-15 44-6996 as lost in a bad landing on Iwo on 8 Aug 1945. 44-61669 was a replacement bird and was not named K-15 until after the original K-15 was totalled on 8 August..., so the accident you identified on 2 Aug was before I have her on our official records.

  6. I would like to know just what was the the 330th Sunset Project Oct/Nov 1945 (sunset was the operation to ferry B-29 bombers stateside. What did it mean. What was it.

  7. Thank you so much for this site!
    My grandfather, TSgt Andrew Klotnia, was CFC on K-15 AKA "?".
    He passed many years ago before I had a chance to learn about this part of his life, do I am doing what research I can now. Any information you can share would be appreciated! The most burning question I have, that I. Cannot find anywhere is "what color was the question mark used as nose art?"
    I have many pictures my grandfather took (including of his time at camp training as well as stationed overseas that I would be willing to share if interested) but as the pictures are all black and white all I can assume is that the "?" was black. Again thank you for this site!
    Adam Jansen, proud grandson of a true Hero

    1. Would love to see copies of the photographs!!

      Email me

      the330thbg @ gmail . com

  8. To Adam Jansen
    my father-in-law was Charlie Parsons who was the Bombardier on the K-15 aka ?. It was also known as the City of Gary Indiana. My wife and I would love to see the pics you have my e-mail is Charlie passed away in 2002 but I did have the honor of having him tell me stories of the war and the crew. Hope to hear from you

  9. The sunset project was the name of the process to get our boys and their aircraft home after the war.

  10. Is this still active? I have questions. My Dad was in the 457th on Guam.

  11. I don't know if this site is checked any more. But I am putting together all of the information I have on my great grandfather PFC Victor Wright. He passed on April 12, 1945 after their first completed mission when the plane crash landed and caught fire killing all but one person on board. I have documents and photographs of those documents and would like to share and talk to the families of the other men who were on that plane or may have been present at that time.
    My name is katerina and my email is if anyone would like to contact me

    1. Yes, this site is checked. We would like to see copies of your documents, please