Saturday, October 20, 2007

Central Fire Control (CFC)

How accurate was the targeting system?


  1. I took CFC training at Lowery Field,Co; tactical training at Walker Field, KA. Went over in Jan. 45 out of Seattle on converted freighter SS Howell Lykes. Stopped at Pearl Harbor and later at Eniwetok Atoll.
    Moved into pup tents at recently bulldozed camp ground at North Field.
    Served 458th Squadron assigned to "Sentimental Journey". Found pictures of crew and myself on 458th web site--then lost them. Found names of other squadron members but no pictures. I still have pictures of many of them.

  2. Great,

    Please visit us at and see if you can get us copies (scanned images) to us so we can place them on our website!

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    330th BG Webmaster

  3. This is the guy who rode in the 'Barber Chair' in the rear compartment and was able to control all guns on the B-29.., if he had to. With the remote sites and switches, basically each gunner could take control of what ever gun they needed at the time.., nay the tail gunner who had an override. Even the bombardier had a switch and a sighting station if he needed to fire off some rounds with the massive (6) 50 Cal's he had available to him at the nose of the B-29. There are several instances where bombardiers with the 330th shot down enemy fighters.
    The CFC was the spotter for the other gunners as well.

  4. Trying to get more history of 44-61669 damaged in ground accident, no further info. Did it fly again??

  5. 44-61669 was only utilized by the 330th in the Sunset Project. She flew back from Guam in October 1944 as K-15 under the A/C of Virgil Kinnaird. I have no other info on her, before or after other than she is now at March AFB.