Saturday, October 20, 2007


Post any and all questions pertaining to this operational area of the B-29.


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  2. This is the only other crewmen to fly backwards into battle.., he and the tailgunner!

    Take a look on the website at the photos of what the FE had to keep track of. Dozens and dozens of switches, knobs and dials., that all had to be manually tweaked for optimum performance constantly to ensure that plane and crew made it home.

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    Olean, NY 14760 or

    My fathers name was Robert D. Pounds Flight Engineer (FE) for the Spanish Forks aka "Heavenly Body" K-35 Crew-811 A/C Huff 11 April 45 B-29-70-BW. They completed 20 missions plus. My father was with the 314th W/330th BG/458th BS. After spending a great deal of time learning about this group I have decided to write a book on this subject. I still have not located my fathers plane nor have I learned where they took the only picture that I found on the 330TH BG'S Official Website. It could have been taken in Puerto Rico. He never talked much about his job but I'm sure he enjoyed ridding in this plane. If you find any pictures of the crew or the plane please let me know. Reguards, John Pounds Son

  4. Hi Guys!
    My Dad was an FE and used to tell me about listening to the engines to get them synchronized. I can still hear him making the whaaa whaaa whaaa noise for a lower RPM engine against the wha-wha-wha of one that was running too fast.
    He was Wallace Livingston, 1920-1999, "City of Lynn", Crew 592, K-52/K-68.