Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the 330th Bomb Group

The 330th BG (VH) consisting of the 457th, 458th, 459th Bomb Squadron's was activated in April 44 at Walker AAF, in KS.
The 330th's Ground Echelon arrived on Guam on 18 FEB 45.The Air Crews continued to train between Walker and Batista Field in Cuba.
The first 330th B-29 set down at North Field, Guam on 25 MAR 45. The 330th first flew against the Empire on 12 April 1945. Its forty-seventh and final bombing strike was in the air at the hour of surrender was announced on 15 AUG 45.

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Please enjoy and share with the rest of us your knowledge and questions as they relate to the marvelous B-29 and the astounding men of the 330th BG.

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Smis/330th WM


  1. Does anyone have any information concerning Warrant Officer Ransom D. Walker. We have his discharge papers that indicate he was assigned to the 330th. He deployed and arrived on Guam on 11 April 1945. He was subsequently seriously injured (these injuries led to his discharge) in a B29 crash. He departed Guam on 24 May 1945 to receive medical treatment stateside.

    I can not locate his name on any of the unit rosters.

    Thank you for any information.

  2. Hi. I just saw your website where you have the pics and everything, and I found my grandfather. He was in crew 911 of k-59 according to your site. His info is: MSGT FE Joel J. Boersema
    6913095. He passed away June 25, 2009. He was a wonderful grandfather, and great-grandfather to my kids. I noticed you had mention of some men who have passed in more recent years, and if you could add him to that, I would like that. Thank you.
    Christiana (Curtis) Okamoto (daughter of Cheryl (Boersema) Curtis)

  3. I am looking for any information regarding a specific B-29 named "City of Boston".

  4. Sad to report the passing of SSGT Turney Cornwell. Crew Chief of K-53 SN: 44-69786 "City of reno" aka "Here to Stay"