Saturday, October 20, 2007


Post any and all questions pertaining to this operational area of the B-29.


  1. This position was crammed in right behind the pilot along with the FE, and Navigator.., but the largest inhabitant of this compartment was the top turret. This extended down almost to the floor. Which was itself already bulging from the bottom front turret. This was a very TIGHT fitting area and the only way these men would be able to get out of in case of an emergency would be either through the bombay doors.., which means someone would have to open them prior.., not likely.., or through the nose wheel well.., along with the pilot, co-pilot and bombardier.., all scrambling to get out. Imagine the aircraft upside down and these poor guys trying to get out. Very frightening scenario indeed.

  2. we could also get out the bomb bay, if they opened the doors.
    Ditching exit was thru the astrodome

    Harvey RO