Saturday, October 20, 2007


Post any and all questions pertaining to this operational area of the B-29.

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  1. This position reminds me of a 'ball gunner' in a B-17 or B-24. Quite a tight fit, but at least it was pressurized and he did not have to wear a heated suit or be exposed to the sub-zero temperatures as the turret gunners had to. He would usually ride in relative comfort forward of the tail gunner compartment until approaching the target. He would sit in the same room as the "Mickey" or Radar Observer. Then once approaching the mainland of the Empire he would crawl into his position and take a seat. Most of the time there was not much for him to do especially during the night missions. Not many fighters were thrown up at night on low level bombing runs. More of an observer calling out approaching 'baka bombs' or location of additional aircraft.

    Contrary to popular belief the 20mm cannon in the tail never really made it into combat. At least not with the 330th. It was removed prior due to the fact that it had a totally different trajectory than the 50 Cals. Sure looked like one hell of a stinger back there though. They should of left it in just to frighten anyone approaching from the rear.